about anitha parthiban

This tournament is in reverence for Anita w/o S. parthiban was passed away in a road accident on feb 24th 2011 at thanjavur. She was born on 9th april 1979 at kodiladi village, thiruvaiyar taluk, thanjavur district, Tamil nadu. The only daughter to Dakshisnamurthy and kamalam, married to S.Parthiban, native of Thanjavur town, and she is mother of Charanchander and Vaishali.

" The Academy has a proposed site of 20,000 sq.ft , which is located on the Nanjikottai Byepass Express Highway service Road. The Bhoomi Pooja has been performed and the construction is going on. As the Academy is to be constructed in a world class stature with centralized Air conditioning, Kitchen, Boarding, Courts, Gymnasium the cost of the construction is also high. We are looking forward for persons who have passion for this sports to lend us a helping hand to help us achieve the goal. "

Anitha parthiban


about tournament

This tournament is started as usual now its the biggest badminton tournament in Tamilnadu started in the year 2012 in reverence of Anitha, now this tournament organiser is working for the National Level recognition and success of promoting professional badminton among young players towards state and players also show great interest to participate in this tournament. In the near future we are planning for training academy for professional Badminton players from thanjavur.

The purpose of establishing the Academy is to see the players to participate in the Olympic and World level tournaments in the near future. (next 5 to 7 years).


Focus of the Academy

Engaging!  Participation!!  Development!!!  Elite!!!!

The Academy's focus is on highly talented players from the needy sectors , supporting them along their journey towards elite ranks with education and skill development.

Key Strategies: Growing awareness about the Academy / Funding and resourcing / Engagement of sporting bodies / (State, National, Federations, World level) / Continues improvement in sports services.


Strategic Priorities

1. Awareness & Development:
Growing the understanding and appreciation of the activities of the Academy in the National and International Level.

2. Personal & Athletic Development (Developing the holistic capability of athletes):

Life Skills: Developing the Skills of the athletes belonging to the Academy and growing their ability to manage their future development through the delivery of relevant education programs and access to relevant advice and mentoring
Athlete Skills: Developing the physical and Psychological ability with respect to their ability to become elite performers through the delivery of relevant programs.
Personal Health and Well Being: Providing support for the well being of the players to have expert medical support, physiotherapists, Strengthening and conditioning to be tailored to the specific needs of individuals.

3. Sporting Partnerships :
Extending the partnerships in a wide range for the upcoming tournaments.

4. Developing the Capabilities of the Academy :
i. Sponsorship - Growing the level of financial and other relevant support from the regional community for the operation of the Academy.
ii. Influence - Growing the capability of the Academy to influence for increased support for its operations from all promising sponsorers.
iii. Facilities - Accessing facilities that will effectively support the operations and visibility of the Academy.
iv. Staff - Recruiting, Developing and retaining knowledgeable and committed staff for the operations.